Additional Credit Lines

Select this service if you are in need of additional credit lines. We can add lines that do not show as inquiries in your profile. Complete our questionnaire or call to speak with us to decide on just how many lines you may need to accomplish your goal.



Pricing: Per Line

1 Line  = $199.00

2 Lines = $169.00

3 or More Lines = $139.00

Secondary Credit Number (SCN)

Select this service if you would like to purchase an SCN. This is a new credit profile which you will have to build and grow by adding lines of credit and managing it effectively. This is not a social security number and should not be used as a social security number with any government agency or entity.



SCN + 2 Lines = $750.00

Credit Concierge Service

Our Credit Concierge Service is a monthly membership service designed to give access to all of our knowledge, training, and assistance in building, growing, managing, and maintaining your credit profile or profiles for long-term success in achieving your ultimate goal of having excellent credit and all of the perks that comes with it.


Monthly Membership = $12.99

Yearly Membership = $119.88