Our Approach

Our Philosophy is a holistic and organic approach to credit management and credit maintenance. There is no quick fix or overnight solutions to bad credit; but their are ways to shorten the process by understanding how scoring works and that is where we excel. We teach our clients the ways they may be able to grow their score and  hold their hands through each step. Then we support our clients over time by helping them maintain their high scores through developing good habits through knowledge and practice.

Our Story

We developed "mycreditrules.com" in response to the fact that approximately 56% of Americans have a credit score below 700. We also wanted to provide an alternative to the large numbers of credit repair and and so-called credit education businesses out there spreading misinformation and outright lies about credit to capitalize on consumers' credit ignorance. We offer our clients an opportunity to improve their credit profile which will, in turn, improve their scores organically and our education and support will allow them to better maintain their profile long-term.

I want to get started! What's my next steps...

You first should  contact one of our representatives to discuss your situation; review your goals; and design a plan of action that best suits your short and long-term goals for your credit profile.